Patient Participation Group Elected Committee Ground Rules

1. Confidentiality – You will be informed or you should state if something is confidential and this information should not be shared with anyone outside of the meeting.

2. Listen – listen actively and attentively. Avoid interruptions – one at a time.

3. Respect – other people’s thoughts, ideas and suggestions (even if you don’t agree with them).

4. Avoid personal references – as patient champions we think about the needs of the wider public.

5. Discussion – based on factual evidence and good practice.

6. Beware – assumptions.

7. Question, question, question – for clarity.

8. Challenge – critique ideas, not people.

9. Find solutions – build on one another’s comments; work toward shared understanding and deliverables.

10. Do not monopolize discussion – give others a chance to speak.

11. Mobile phones – please switch them off unless you are professionally on call (assumed for medical staff).